Booking Terms & Conditions

Confirmation of boat availability is NOT a reservation or booking. Only bookings confirmed by email from Costa Boat Charters are valid.

A minimum deposit of 50% is paid to secure a booking. The balance of your booking is payable either (1) no later than 30 days prior to your charter, or (2) in cash on the day of your trip. This relates to individual boat policy and you will be notified accordingly.

Boat charters are normally booked on a first come first served basis but it is also possible to reserve a particular boat for a chosen day and time. If a reservation period is agreed for your charter it will be confirmed by email from Costa Boat Charters. The chargeable amount, and reservation period are set by boat owners. Once the reservation period expires, or if you decide against booking the charter, the reservation payment is non-refundable. Once you proceed with the charter booking (within the reservation period) the amount you paid for the reservation is deducted from the total charter cost.

Payment methods are online via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. Boat charter services and any other ordered services / optional extra’s may require separate payment. Credit card transactions over 1000€ may be subject to a processing surcharge of 3.4% or the current PayPal rate. Amounts under 1000€ are processed free of charge. Bank transfers are either (1) direct to boat owners account in Spain, or (2) via a UK based bank account which will incur a payment handling fee of £15 for the international transfer. All boat charter payments are subject to IVA (VAT) in Spain, as indicated on the pricing. Prices advertised for other services are fully inclusive.

You can cancel any part, or all, of your booking by sending an email notification to Costa Boat Charters. We will confirm your request by email within 48 hours if for some reason no confirmation email is received we ask that you contact us again by telephone/email / post or social media messaging (which includes a time and date stamp). The minimum cancellation notice required, to qualify for a full refund, is as follows:

Policy varies between boats, some require 7 days notice and others are 14 or 30 days notice, please refer to your booking confirmation email to find out about your boat. Cancellations received with less than the required notice period may still be entitled to a percentage based refund should your booked time slot be re-allocated. Please contact us if you require more details or wish to make a short notice cancellation.

Transport cancellations: 7 days

Catering cancellations: 48 hours.

Hosting cancellations: 7 days (a 25% cancellation fee is charged).

Boat Charters: 30 days notice or 25% (50% yachts) cancellation fee is charged

The procedure is the same as a cancellation (details above). The time and day you book for your charter are fixed and no short notice or last minute alterations are possible, it is solely your responsibility to arrive at the booked boat in time for departure.

Your charter will be cancelled if a final balance payment remains due 30 days prior to your charter, you will also receive an email notification and a full refund of the deposit payment is issued. If the unlikely event that a boat operator or Captain cancels or alters the schedule of your charter for any reason (e.g: adverse weather, sea conditions, mechanical failure, administration error), a full refund is issued, you may also be given the option to re-schedule. Passengers accept and understand that decisions made by boat operators / Captains are final and beyond the control of Costa Boat Charters.

Passengers understand and are aware of the hazards of boat travel. These hazards include but are not limited to, drowning, slipping or falling while onboard or getting on or off, etc. Passengers expressly assume these risks and all other risks involved in boat travel. If you are in any doubt about any aspect of safety onboard please consult with the boat Captain immediately. Where Costa Boat Charters act as a booking agent, for charters using boats not owned by us, your passenger insurance and booking agreements are provided directly by boat owner / Company. The boat Captain makes all decisions relating to safety at sea. As a general guide, we advise all passengers to get familiar with the boat before leaving port, knowing the location of all exits and emergency equipment. The use of any boat equipment is forbidden unless instructed by the Captain / Crew or in an emergency situation. The boat Captain reserves the right to (a) refuse any passenger who displays behaviour which may endanger the boat or other passengers and (b) refuse alcohol service to any passenger. Costa Boat Charters reserve the right to withdraw any boat/service or any part of a charter/booking and to make such alterations in the itinerary that seem necessary/desirable and to substitute any boat/service whenever necessary/desirable. Costa Boat Charters assumes no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may occur by any reason or through acts of default of any company or person engaged in any aspect of a booking. These terms and conditions of service are governed by Spanish law, and any dispute arising out of your use of any service provided by Costa Boat Charters are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Andalucia.

Costa Boat Charters endeavours at all times to ensure that service providers deliver a reliable and high-quality product accurately reflecting their advertised representation. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Costa Boat Charters accepts no responsibility or liability for the overall quality, facilities or services provided, or any loss, injury, damage, delay and/or inconvenience which may be suffered by any passenger arising out of any act and/or omission and/or misrepresentation on the part of the Service Provider or its agents, contractors, etc. Passengers understand and accept that some photographs and boat manufacturer videos may show a brand new vessel and will not be a representation of an actual operational charter boat.

Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including but not limited to acts of God, government restrictions, wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected (including mechanical, electronic, or communications failure).

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