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costa boat charters


Welcome to number 1 Boat hire and event planners company 2024!


Your ideal boat rental from Benalmadena. Rent boats with and without license, rent boats with and without skipper, rent boats for hours or full day


Sailing the Mediterranean with your own private boat….

Rent one of our boats, is everything you need for your next event.

Fantastic experiences in scenarios that will take your breath away 
You can swim in the majestic blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea listening to your favorite music on board one of our catamarans Watching dolphins from very close, we offer boat rental service without a license, you can be your own skipper and drive the boat.

No other recreational activity compares. 


Rent a catamaran in benalmadena Lady hawke

Rent an open Catamaran This great sailing open boat is based in Benalmadena port and ideal for groups and all kinds of celebrations with a very large dech space. 12 passengers max.


hire a catamaran in benalmadena athena 38

Hire the Athena 38 Catamaran in Benalmadena. Is a fun party boat you will not soon forget. Sail out of Benalmadena port with your friends listening to your favourite tunes. 20 passengers max.


rent a catamaran in benalmadena Lagoon 410

Take a boat ride aboard this magnificent catamaran The Lagoon 410 is a one of a kind boat. Very well looked after boat, with the most modern equipment and technology, huge deck space with 2 nets for sunbathing. 25 passengers max



Lasting memories forever aboard this magnificent luxury catamaran Sunbathe with a glass of champagne or dance to your favorite music under the sun of the Mediterranean Sea, rent this boat and enjoy a first-class experience!


Rent a motor yacht in benalmadena hercules

Hiring this fabulous motor yacht will not leave you indifferent, cutting the Mediterranean ocean waves in search of dolphins guided by a high quality crew, enjoying your favourite drink and music. Fun and a brillant tan are guaranteed! 12 passengers max.


Hire a motor boat in Benalmadena cooper

Renting this boat is a great idea for you and your group take a boat ride in the Alboran sea. Can meet the crew at Benalmadena port and motor off to your destination where sun, sea and fun are top of the list. 12 passengers max.

Activity with style and great value for money.
We are specialist in boat rental for private events.

athena 38 catamaran

Boat Details

Length: 11,60 m.
Beam: 6,3 m.
Engines: 2 X 20

Passenger Capacity: 20


lady hawke 37 cabrio

Boat Details: 

Length: 11.40 m
Beam: 7 m
Engines 2 X 20 HP
Passenger Capacity: 12

lagoon 410 catamaran

Boat Details: 

Length: 12.37 m
Beam: 7.09 m
Engines: 2 x 27 HP
Passenger Capacity: 25

Any occasion is a good one for you to navigate the Mediterranean with one of our boats.


Cooper catamaran de motor

Boat Details:
Length: 12,08 m.
Beam: 4 m.
Engines: 2 x 205 HP
Passenger Capacity: 10

helena boat alquilar

My Runer boat

Boat Details:

Length: 9 m.
sleeve 2
Engines: 150 hp engine

Passenger Capacity: 10

sunseeker 43 speed boat

Boat Details:
Length: 12,49 m.
Beam: 3,63 m.
Engines: 2 x Volvo
Passenger Capacity: 12

Hiring boats are ideal for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, team building events, relaxation, family fun, romantic cruises, fishing trips, marine life watching, because any occasion is good for sail!

junco chino pirate ship

Boat Details:
Length: 10 m.
Beam: 4 m.
Engines: Perkins 80 CV
Passenger Capacity: 12

Quicksilver 555 open

Boat Details:
Length: 5,84 m.
Beam: 2,29 m.
Engines: Mercury 115 HP
Passenger Capacity: 6

sunseeker portofino


Boat Details:
Length: 10 m.
Beam: 3,38 m.
Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta 400 CV
Passenger Capacity: 12

We have the perfect boat for you, whether you are looking for a calm and relaxing day to sunbathe and enjoy the scenery or if you want to throw a big party.

rodman 1100 fisher

rodman 1100 benalmadena

Boat Details:
Length: 11 m.
Beam: 3,60 m.
Engines: 2 x Yammar 240 HP
Passenger Capacity: 12

hercules speed boat

ocean cruise

ocean cruise


Hire a Boat Benalmadena

Boat Birthday Party!

Every year is important, why not make yourself, a loved one or great friend feel special with a boat birthday party?

For your Boat Birthday  Party to be one of a kind, we will endeavour to accommodate you with any specific requests you may have, be it catering/beverages requirements, entertainment requirements or decor requests.

" Everything was absolutely great, excellent service, an unforgettable experience. The company was great and the staff was lovely to us. Strongly recommend and would definitely repeat!! "
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